2020 -2021 Health Initiative

Efforts are underway to improve the overall health of our membership. How? By reducing the chapters's baseline total weight by 10% during the 2020 – 2021 fraternity fiscal year through 1) Increased Activity, 2) Weight Loss, and 3) Improved Vitals. To participate please follow this link to our 'Brothers Only' forum and follow the instructions to complete the 100% Anonymous Survey. 

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Upon successful completion of the Mighty Ninth District Membership Selection Process, The Alpha Iota Iota Chapter welcomes the Spring 2020 Neophytes,  Welcome to the fold!

 “The ANTID╬ęTE”

Bro. Tim Gardner
Bro. Donyea Hamilton
Bro. Deandre Collins
Bro. Dorone Edwards
Bro. Jordan Burton


The Brothers of Alpha Iota Iota chapter participate greatly in the Juneteenth celebrations throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

The All Greek “March of Solidarity” presented by Black Greeks Unite took place Friday June 19th in Downtown Dallas. Hundreds of members from all Divine Nine organizations gathered peacefully to march in unity for the Black Lives Matter campaign. The brothers of AII and other chapters throughout the city participated and provided crowd control services to make sure event went smoothly.

The Collin County Juneteenth celebration took place Saturday, June 20th at the Plano Municipal Center. Alpha Iota Iota chapter partnered with Douglass Visions Committee Inc., to provide the community with a plethora of resources. This drive-through event included Food Boxes, Face masks, Gloves, and a Face-Shield giveaways. There was also COVID-19 testing, Blood Pressure, and Diabetes screening. Brothers of AII, who are also deputized by Collin County, ran the Voters Registration booth, and encouraged all who were not already registered, to get registered, and cast their votes in the vital upcoming elections. As we continue to celebrate our rich heritage and unite in this difficult time, Alpha Iota Iota chapter continues their commitment to service, and uplift the community through actions. Ninth District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

 -Larry Johnson 

The Alpha Iota Iota Chapter makes the Plano Magazine for their contribution in the 2020 Collin County Juneteenth Celebration! 

The Men of Alpha Iota Iota Chapter held its annual Blood Drive, in conjunction with The Pinnacle Star Foundation, at the Douglass Community Center this morning. As we know, in the current pandemic that has swept the country, blood is needed now more than ever. Omega Man Dr. Charles Drew embodied the true representation of what Omega men strive to become; not only for his contributions to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., but to all mankind.  His brilliance has saved the lives of countless citizens in the world, and because of this, the blood drive is executed annually.  A special thank you to the American Red Cross, the Brothers, and citizens who donated.



The Alpha Iota Iota chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. receives Document of Special Recognition from Mayor Harry LaRosiliere and the City of Plano for being a pillar in community and providing 31 years of uplift to the youth, seniors, and all residents in between. The Chapter would like to express extreme gratitude to the City of Plano for this honor.

Greetings Brothers,

We have created a cash app account for the chapter as an alternate online payment method for brothers who don't want to use paypal. The cash app payment method allows brothers to be able to bypass the fees that come along with using paypal. This payment method can be used for dues and any other payments to Alpha Iota Iota. The cash app can be downloaded at the iTunes store for iPhone users and at the Google Play Store for Android Users.

Please use a debit card or bank account, fees will be applied if attempting to pay by credit card.

For brothers who already have the cash app, payments can be paid to the chapter by using the cashtag:


For brothers who do not wish to download the app, payments can be made by using the following link:


Please Note: When making payments to the chapter using the cash app always add a description to describe what it is that you are paying for.

Reminder, the amount for dues are below:

$130 IHQ

$55 9th District

$165 Chapter

$350 Total

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